Vote for Sam on Tuesday, November 6th

All Together Now!

All Together Now!

Progressive Politically ... Independent of Mind ... Fiscally Responsible

I am running for Town Council because I care about Amherst and believe that the perspective, independent voice, and practical mindset that I will bring to the Council is what our town needs at this time.  I am running to serve Amherst for the good of our community.  Please take a few minutes to look through my website for more detailed information.

Amherst has experienced significant political conflict over the last few years with lines being drawn and ongoing questions as to "which side are you on".  It is now time for Amherst to come together and move forward to address the important issues our community faces. I have been a part of the Amherst community for over 50 years and care deeply about our town as it is my town ....and always will be! My background and experience makes me uniquely qualified to help to lead Amherst through it's new chapter. 

I am progressive on social issues, independent of mind, fiscally responsible, and a staunch believer in individual rights and civil liberties.  I have the standing, values, perspective, motivation, and capacity to be your town council member and believe I am the right person for Amherst at this time. I am asking for your vote and your support. 

Contact Sam at: sam@sammacleodforamherst.com

I need your help as this is a significant challenge.  Click Here to See All the Ways You Can Help Sam