Amherst Values

My values were formed while growing up in Amherst in the 1960's and 1970's. I am the youngest of 6 boys raised by my widowed mother (Sabra Rogers MacLeod) along with a lot of help from my grandparents.  I truly understand the challenges that single parents and working families face.  I believe that we all have a duty to help others in need and an obligation to give back to our community.  I was a boy scout for many years growing up and retain the values the Scouts organization advocates.  I understand the issues faced by our elderly residents as I cared for and looked after my aging mom for many years prior to her passing. My family and I are members of the Saint Brigid's parish in downtown Amherst.

Sabra MacLeod Memorial Service

4th Generation Amherst

My grandparents were active Amherst community members.  My grandfather Norman G. MacLeod was an Amherst select board member for 18 years and chair for 9 years.  My grandmother Margery MacLeod was a long time active member of the South Church (Congregational) Amherst.  She retained the Golden Cane as the oldest Amherst resident for many years as she lived to 106! My grandfather John (doc) Rogers was the town dentist.  He and my grandmother Betty Rogers were lifelong members (and club champions) of the Amherst Golf Course where you will find the "Doc" Rogers pavilion dedicated.  My mother, Sabra Rogers MacLeod lived in Amherst for 90 years.  She taught at UMass for many years, and was very active in the First Congregational Church, Valley Light Opera, along with many other organizations.  My children currently attend Amherst Schools.

Educated in Amherst Schools

I attended Amherst schools from Kindergarten through High School graduation.  I went on to receive a B.A. and MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass, Amherst.  My mother was a graduate of Smith College and a professor at UMass in the Spanish department for 24 years. She also managed the UMASS summer student counseling program. My father graduated from Amherst College and the University of Chicago and was a practicing lawyer prior to his untimely death in 1962. My mom returned to her hometown of Amherst thereafter. Both of my parents graduated from Amherst High School.  My children currently attend Amherst Schools. Education is the key industry in Amherst and has been for a very long time. I understand the importance of education as a means to empower our children and youth to achieve their aspirations.

Business Background

I owned and managed a contracting business in Amherst during the 1990's and understand first hand the needs and burdens faced by our entrepreneurs and business owners. For the last 18 years I have worked in a managerial capacity at Human Resource Development Press in Pelham and have provided Management Consulting and Training for a wide range of organizations (Fortune 500, Municipalities, Smaller Businesses, etc.  Areas of focus have been  Conflict Resolution, Management Effectiveness, Communication, Collaboration, Diversity Training, Leadership and more.  I have also organized and managed Conferences, among many other activities.  In addition, I have worked in a professional capacity for Sikorsky Aircraft, Sherwin Williams, and a number of other organizations.  I have a BA and MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass, Amherst. I understand in great detail the financial issues and specifics of our town. My combination of experiences provides me the ability to both understand these complex issues and to translate them into common sense practical solutions. 


My wife Laura (Rojo) MacLeod and I married in 2002 and have two children (William and Elizabeth) in the Amherst School System. My wife Laura is a teacher and translator and is originally from Argentina and is active in our community in many ways (Translations for UMASS and Publishers, Teaching Leisure Studies Courses, Catechism and more at St. Brigids, Sierra Club,Mothers Out Front, PGOs, school committees etc.).  We married in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina. I have lived in other countries, traveled extensivey, have a global world view and understanding of the issues that can arise for immigrants and children of diverse backgrounds.  The MacLeod family has been a part of the Amherst Community for over 100 years. I am one of the few candidates running for Town Council who has children currently attending the Amherst Schools.  My daughter is in 6th Grade and my son is a freshman in High School.

Community Involvement

I am Vice President and on the board of directors of the Amherst Youth Soccer Association.  I have had the great privilege of putting in countless hours coaching and mentoring (and driving!) our Amherst youth for years. Volunteering in the community has has been a very rewarding experience for me in so many ways.  I have had the oppotunity to meet and connect with many of our youth and families throughout our greater community as we all come together for the joy and benefit of our youth.  I believe our  youth sports programs to be one of a number of uniting fabrics in our community.  My wife Laura, my children, and I are members of the Saint Brigid's Parish in downtown Amherst.  I organized and oversee the Amherst Youth Soccer Recycling Exchange enabling many Amherst families to save on expenses and to extend the use of soccer cleats and uniforms.